WecoGateTM with patent pending is Wei WangTM latest product. Its most important feature is that the entire set of gates are fully assembled from aluminium. It is our design team's latest design concept.

WecoGateTM not only have solid structure but also retain the characteristics as light and tough material. The fully use of these natural qualities of aluminium to create rust-free and light new cutting-edge products. Wei WangTM also launched the fully aluminium gates inlaid with various colorful and stylish designed art glass, coupled with fully aluminium frame make your home more fashionable and elegent.

With years of rich experience in hte production of aluminium products, we make new products not only with nice apperance but also with humanized design, including:

Autumn Tree 5 products
Bamboo Forest 3 products
Bunga Raya 3 products
Butterfly 1 products
Dragnet 7 products
Glass Art 1 products
Maple Leaf 1 products
Minimalism 4 products
Ricinus 4 products
Showy Flourish 4 products
Starlike 6 products
When Spring Comes 2 products
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